Monday, 25 February 2019

That would be an eccumenical matter

Image result for That would be an eccumenical matterAs we are all called to love everybody, it follows we should respect and love our brothers and sisters who worship in denominations other than our own and indeed people of different faiths.  Further we ought to reach out and welcome them to the community of faith. We must be warm, loving and welcoming drawing others to Christ. 

But, and this is important, we must be faithful to our Traditions, the Scriptures and the teachings of the church.  Where we water down our teachings, where we are compliant and liberal minded in order to be more acceptable towards others we dilute our faith, we do an injustice to Christ.

Today I read an article in the Church Times (the Church of England's newspaper), I was shocked to read how elements of that community are so misguided as to appoint ordained chaplains to build bridges with witches and pagans.  They hold watered down liturgies in forests with no scripture, rather they focus solely on nature, also taking part in pagan rituals.  This is completely misguided when paradoxically sound research has shown that, conservative christian communities who espouse traditional Christian morals and practices are growing where liberal communities are shrinking.

Let us not forget that weak morals and sinful behaviour of some priests and ministers has done great harm to the Church and to Christ.  All of us must be strong and live out our lives as Christ would wish, holding to strong values helps us to do this.  You and I must repent and reject sin.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Stormy Day

The other day as I sat in the church awaiting evening prayers as storm raged outside.  The doors rattled, the windows whistled and the roof clattered. You could imagine the building lifted off the ground and destroyed, like a wood house in the face of a tornado. But the stout stone church had ridden out thousand such storms in its 900 years resolute and immovable.
In our lives we are surrounded by evil, pain and suffering, a host of moral dangers and distractions which rage around us, like the storm.  We ourselves are contaminated and sick. Evil percolates into our very being, often we cannot see it, we are not aware, but it is ever present.
Only Christ protects us.  Only in him is there real calm, real peace.
Like the strong stone walls of the church, providing a safe refuge against the storm, Christ shields us and protects us.

Pray for the grace to allow him shield and protect you from evil.
Pray, sit with him. In a church, on the bus, in the car, on a plane, but especially when you experience evil, Christ will be there to protect you.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018


Sometimes we over complicate things.  In this Christmas message Bishop Seamus simplifies and clarifies the Christian message.

I hope God blesses you this Christmas and everyday

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Disgusted of football

Deeply saddened is doesn’t express my feelings of the last week.
When the England Soccer Team lost to Croatia in the World Cup football league the domestic violence figures against women rose by 40% in the next 48 hours!
The Simon Community, who feed people who live on the streets of London found that on the night of the match they could not find the homeless in many of there usual haunts.  Why?  Because they were in hiding.  They would rather miss a meal than risk the violence that would be meated out on them as a result of the “Beautiful Game” when drunk football supporters vacated the pubs.
Further, I was horrified that clergy on retreat were more interested in their plans for the footie than preparation to meet their Lord in  celebration of the mass.
What has become of our society?  Where is the love?
Lord give us the grace to focus on you, serve  you and care for our brothers and sisters.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Temples of the Spirit

Yesterday I heard the phrase “We are temples of the spirit”, a phrase I will have heard a thousand times before.  I had a two fold realisation.

Firstly, we are all therefore ‘God Carriers’ and as such ought to treat others and ourselves a such, with extreme respect. My words, actions, feelings and thoughts must reflect therefore this.  To judge another person is to judge God. To hurt another person is to hurt God. To speak ill of another is to speak ill of God.  BUT to love another person, to love people is to love God.

Also this means the spirit of God.  The very power of God is closer than you ever imagined.  The Spirit of God is part of your very being and when you think a prayer God knows it.  God is closer to you than mother, father, brother, sister, wife or husband.

We must all therefore be present to the fact we are temples of the spirit.  Acknowledge God at all times, be present and love and adore God in others we encounter. We should be kind to others and ourselves.
Pray at all times.

God is not there, 
God is not on a cloud, 
God is not in the temple in Jerusalem nor in Rome.  
The Spirit of God is in your heart.
The Power of God is in you.
1 Corinthians 6:19

Monday, 29 May 2017


Last Sunday at church we had some visitors.  A teenage boy with his family, he had a moderate learning disability, autism possibly.  A young man with severe mobility and learning disability, possibly cerebral palsy, accompanied by his mother.  An elderly lady with limited mobility, incontinence and dementia.

The sermon was not engaging with me. So I was looking around, a man with two prosthetic arms another with no arms at all and that was what I could see.  What about hidden problems, the hard of hearing, partially sighted, diabetics, heart issues, those with depression, mental illness, anxiety, the bereaved, the lonely, the broken hearted and unloved.

I realised that virtually everybody, if not everybody, in the church were broken.  The minister, the congregation were like you and me broken, physically and spiritually broken.

Our only true hope is through the healing power of Christ. Christ loves us all, the blind, the cripple, the incontinent, the depressed and anxious.  Only through Christ will we be made whole.

And we must remember we must be Christ to each other, we are called to heal and care for the sick around us.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Ashes to ashes

Recently I had the privilege to be with somebody in their last moments.  I was present as she became ill and passed into unconsciousness and sat beside her bed as she took her last few breaths.  This christian lady was not fearful or agitated, it was clear to everybody she was dying, it was clear to her.  She was calm, collected and peaceful.  It was over and she was going home to be with Christ.
We cannot avoid death it comes to us all.  Our fragile life ceases like a flower withering, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
But like my friend Elizabeth in Christ we can die without fear, not just hopeful of something else, but certain of a new life in Christ.  The death and resurrection of Jesus blesses us all in this certainty.
All we have to do is accept Christ.  In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.
Say yes to Christ and you too can face death without fear.